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TMS+ Digital Marketing was born from the idea that small and local business should have a more level playing field when competing against national chains and large businesses in their area. We truly believe small businesses are the backbone of our economy and our country, which is why we are proud to serve these companies to our best abilities.

Because when your business wins, we all win.


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Our team is centered around learning and growing with you.

TMS+ is a team of professionals from different marketing backgrounds with shared core values. We take pride in our work, care about the communities we serve, and have some fun while doing it. 

Bill Zirzow

Bill Zirzow

Founder & CEO

Tom Hofacre

Tom Hofacre

Branding & Design

Jarred Bates

Jarred Bates

Copy, SEO & Video

Alan Showecker

Alan Showecker


TMS+ Values

Our Values

These values help guide our process to help you navigate the digital world.


We believe honesty and openness are the best ways to conduct business and make decisions.


We believe motivation is crucial because it allows us to change, set goals, develop skills, and boost engagement & purpose.


We believe clarity, coherence, and consistency are what make good things great.

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